Time to buff Myself

Today I have finally accepted that I am unhappy. I had the realization for a long time now, but acceptance was hard. With good job and happy family how could one acknowledge the reason of unhappiness .After long analyses I realized that I am bored. Bored of ‘what’ still not sure. May be my 9 -5 job which gives plenty money but no job satisfaction. May be I am bored of my relationships that makes me happy sometimes but keep me on leash. Bored of self righteous well wishers who suggests me all their life mantras which I do not agree with most of the times.I think one of the biggest curse of human mind is that while having so many things to accomplish in life, so many mediums of entertainment yet we feel bored.

But one thing I have decided today for sure I need to somehow free myself from of same monotonous routines and thousand times listened melodies . Its time to buff up the thick old layer of dust from my life. How? Well may be one day I would figure it out.


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